collection of Siberian Zoological Museum
(curator - A.V.Barkalov)

materials from different regions of Russia are encoded as: FS RU CU UR WS SS MS CY NE NF KM AM SH KU

Bombylius ambustus Pallas, 1818 WS Kazakhstan
Bombylius callopterus Loew, 1855 WS SS CY
Bombylius canescens Mikan, 1796 WS SS Kazakhstan
Bombylius cinerarius Pallas et Wiedemann, 1818 WS
Bombylius fuscus Fabricius, 1781 Turkmenistan
Bombylius iranicus Paramonov, 1940 Turkmenistan
Bombylius major Linnaeus, 1758 WS AM Kazakhstan Tadzhikistan
Bombylius medius Linnaeus, 1758 WS
Bombylius minor Linnaeus, 1758 WS
Bombylius undatus Mikan, 1796 WS
Bombylius venosus 1796 Kazakhstan
Systoechus ctenopterus (Mikan, 1796) WS CY NE Turkmenistan Kyrghyzstan Tadzhikistan
Systoechus laevifrons (Loew, 1855) CY NE
Anastoechus asiaticus Becker, 1916 WS CY
Anastoechus nitidulus (Fabricius, 1794) WS
Lomatia fuscipennis Portschinsky, 1887 AM
Lomatia lateralis (Meigen, 1820) Croatia Kazakhstan
Lomatia sp. Tadzhikistan
Petrorossia sp. Tadzhikistan
Anthrax anthrax Schrank, 1781 WS SS MS AM
Anthrax maculosa Sack, 1909 Tadzhikistan
Ligyra herzi (Portschinsky, 1891) AM
Spongostylum etruscum (Fabricius, 1794) Turkmenistan
Exoprosopa capucina (Fabricius, 1781) WS SS
Exoprosopa melaena Loew, 1874 Tadzhikistan
Villa ?cingulata (Meigen, 1804) WS SS
Villa hottentotta (Linnaeus, 1758) WS SS MS AM Turkmenistan Tadzhikistan Kazakhstan
Villa ovata (Loew, 1869) SS NE AM
Villa ?paniscus (Rossi, 1790) WS SS
Villa quinquefasciata Wiedemann Edit in Meigen, 1820 Turkmenistan
Hemipenthes hamifera (Loew, 1854) WS Tadzhikistan
Hemipenthes maura (Linnaeus, 1758) WS SS
Hemipenthes morio (Linnaeus, 1758) WS Kazakhstan
Hemipenthes praecisa (Loew, 1869) SS
Hemipenthes robustus Zaitzev, 1966 Kazakhstan Tadzhikistan
Hemipenthes velutinus (Meigen, 1820) Croatia ?Tadzhikistan
Hemipenthes subvelutinus Zaitzev, 1966 Turkmenistan ?Tadzhikistan
Thyridanthrax afer (Fabricius, 1794) Kazakhstan
Thyridanthrax fenestratus (Fallén, 1814) WS Kazakhstan
Thyridanthrax perspicillaris (Loew, 1869) WS Turkmenistan

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