collection of Siberian Zoological Museum
(curator - A.V.Barkalov)

materials from different regions of Russia are encoded as: FS RU CU UR WS SS MS CY NE NF KM AM SH KU

Leopoldius anatolii Zimina, 1963 Tadzhikistan
Siniconops maculifrons Kröber, 1916 AM
Conops aureomaculatus Krober, 1933 AM
Conops ceriaeformis Meigen, 1824 RU WS SS AM SH KU
Conops flavipes Linnaeus, 1758 RU CU UR WS SS AM Latvia
Conops nigrifrons Kröber, 1916 AM
Conops strigatus Wiedemann in Meigen, 1824 WS SS AM
Conops quarifasciatus De Geer, 1776 RU WS AM SH Poland Latvia Belarus Kazakhstan
Conops vesicularis Linnaeus, 1761 UR WS SS MS AM SH Finland
Physocephala chrysorrhoea (Meigen, 1824) WS SS Kazakhstan
Physocephala curticornis Krober, 1915 SS Turkmenistan Tadzhikistan Kazakhstan
Physocephala laticincta (Brullé, 1832) WS SS
Physocephala nigra (De Geer, 1776) CU UR WS Kyrghyzstan
Physocephala pusilla (Meigen, 1824) WS Turkmenistan Tadzhikistan Kazakhstan
Physocephala rufifrons Camras, 1960 AM
Physocephala rufipes (Fabricius, 1781) RU CU WS SS AM SH KU Tadzhikistan Kazakhstan
Physocephala truncata (Loew, 1847) WS SS Kazakhstan
Physocephala variegata (Meigen, 1824) WS SS
Physocephala vittata (Fabricius, 1794) Kazakhstan

Zodion cinereum (Fabricius, 1794) WS SS KU Tadzhikistan Kazakhstan
Zodion notatum (Meigen, 1804) WS SS Turkmenistan Tadzhikistan
Myopa bella Krober, 1916 Turkmenistan Tadzhikistan
Myopa buccata (Linnaeus, 1758) UR WS AM Turkmenistan Tadzhikistan
Myopa dorsalis Fabricius, 1794 SS Turkmenistan
Myopa fasciata Meigen, 1804 CU WS Crimea
Myopa morio Meigen, 1804 SS Kazakhstan
Myopa occulta Wiedemann in Meigen, 1824 WS
Myopa picta Panzer, [1798] Turkmenistan
Myopa polystigma Rondani, 1857 WS CY AM
Myopa testacea (Linnaeus, 1767) WS SS Tadzhikistan
Myopa variegata Meigen, 1804 WS SS Turkmenistan
Myopa vicaria Walker, 1849 AM
Thecophora atra (Fabricius, 1775) SS AM
Thecophora distincta (Wiedemann, 1824) SS
Thecophora fulvipes Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 MS
Thecophora longirostris Lyneborg, 1962 WS
Thecophora pusilla (Meigen, 1824) CU KU
Sicus abdominalis Kröber, 1915 WS SS NE AM SH Finland Kazakhstan
Sicus ferrugineus (Linnaeus, 1761) CU UR WS SS MS Finland Latvia Kazakhstan
Siccus nigricans Krober SS AM

Dalmannia aculeata (Linnaeus, 1761) Crimea
Dalmannia punctata (Fabricius, 1794) Turkmenistan

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