of the
Siberian Zoological Museum
of the
Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology

general view of the exposition, color photo


Insect order diversity
Birds of steppe and forest: nests and eggs (2 parts)
Dragonflies: live and diversity
The diversity of bird's eggs. Ye.P. Spangenberg's collection (2 parts)
Beetles: biodiversity and living forms
The ground beetles of Altai Mts. and their typical habitats
Mammals in different live conditions
Butterflies and moths from Siberia and the Far North
Mammals: individual variability of coloration
Butterflies and moths from the Russian Far East
Mammals: interspecific hybrids
Ornitopteran butterflies - the tropical beauty
The diversity of Hymenoptera
Biogroup: Taiga
The diversity of Diptera
Biogroup: Steppe
Insect ecology
Biogroup: Riparian ecosystem
Constructive activity of insects
Nests of social wasps and bees
Forest pests
Shells of sea mollusks
Fresh water mollusks of Eurasia
Land mollusks of North and Central Eurasia

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