Galina Nikolaevna AZARKINA

Professional backgrounds
1978 – born in Barnaul, Russia;
1985-1995 – school No 75, Barnaul;
1995-2000 – Altai State University, biological faculty, Zoology department. MsD "Arachnofauna of Korgon and Tigirek Mt. Ranges (North-Western Altai)";
2000-2003 – post graduate student, ISEA SB RAS, Siberian Zoological Museum. PhD "World revision of the genus Aelurillus (Araneae, Salticidae)";
2003-2006 – junior research fellow, ISEA SB RAS;
2006-2008 – research fellow, ISEA SB RAS;
2007-2008 – scientific attache, Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium;
2009 – research fellow, ISEA SB RAS.

Research interests
systematic of jumping spiders (Salticidae, Araneae)


Current research projects
- African jumping spiders – systematics and ecology (in co-operation with D.V. Logunov (UK), A. Russell-Smith (UK), W. Wesolowska (Poland), J. Holstein (Germany), D. De Bakker (Belgium);
- South-East asian jumping spiders – systematics (in co-operation with A. Russell-Smith (UK) and J. Proszynski (Poland);

Paper in preparation
1) description of unknown species of African jumping spiders (with A. Russell-Smith, UK);
2) Revision of genera Mikrus and Brancus (with A. Russell-Smith, UK);
3) Revision of genus Pachyballus (with W. Wesolowska, Poland);
4) Jumping spiders of Kakamega Reserve, Kenya (with J. Holstein);
5) jumping spiders of Burundi (faunistic notes with description of a new species);
6) ecology of jumping spiders in canopy fauna (with D. De Bakker, Belgium);
7) Redesriprions of type species of genera Viciria and Hyllus of SE Asia (with A. Russell-Smith);
8) Japanese jumping spiders (faunistic notes with description of a new species);
9) Revision of African Aelurillinae (partly with W. Wesolowska and A. Russell-Smith);
10) Aelurillinae of SE Asia (with J. Proszynski).

2001-2003 – RFFI 01-04-48989-à “Taxonomical diversity, faunogenesis and zoogeographical demarcation of Middle Asia”;
2003 – RFFI 03-04-07008-ìàñ “Programme for young scientists in 01-04-48989”;
2003 – University of Turku (Finland), Grant for international visitors to Turku in 2003 (Ref. 31.1.2003, no 842/210/02);
2007-2008 – Belgian science policy (BELSPO) ¹ MO-37-014, Royal Museum for Central Asia, Tervuren, Belgium “Study of the diversity resilience of the canopy spider fauna of African rainforests: Jumping spiders of the African canopy”.

2002 – Russian Arachnological Society;
2002 – European Society if Arachnology;
2006 – International Society of Arachnology;
2008 – African Arachnological Society.

Research visits
1999 – ISEA SB RAS, SZM;
2001-2003 – Zoological museum of Moscow State University;
2001-2003 – Turku University, Finland;
2001-2003 – Zoological Institute RAS, St. Petersburg;
2008 – A. Russell-Smith, UK;
2008 – Ch. Deeleman-Reinhold, Netherlands;
2008 – Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, France.

Siberian Zoological Museum
Frunze street – 11 (office 247)
Novosibirsk, RUSSIA

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