Irina Igorevna MARCHENKO
(formerly - I. I. VOLONIKHINA)
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I.I.Marchenko (Volonikhina), color photo
Data of birthday: 20 July 1962

Education: Tomsk State University, Department of Biology and Pedology, Chair of Invertebrate Zoology

1984-1988 - Microbiology Institute, Koltsovo in Novosibirsk Province.
1988 - laboratory assistant in Zoological Museum of Biological Institute (now - Institute of Animal Sistematics and Ecology, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences).
1989-1993 - Postgraduate Course in Zoological Museum under the leadership of Sc.D. Marianna S. DAVYDOVA.
1994 - defence of Ph.D. thesis "Soil Gamasina mites (Acarina, Parasitiformes, Mesostigmata) of south part of Russian Far East".
1994- for a present time - Scientific worker of Siberian Zoological Museum, Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology, SD RAS, curator of the Gamasina mites (soil and parasitic species) collection.

Scientific interests: fauna, zoogeography, systematics of soil Gamasina of Siberia and particulary of the Altai mountains.

1989 - Southern Sakhalin and Kunashir island (South Kurilian islands)
1990 - Southern Sakhalin
1991 - South part of the Khabarovsk province.
1993-1998 - North and Central Altai


1. Volonikhina I.I. Gamasina mites from the beatles of Kunashir island and from seaweeds of litoral zones of Kunashir and Sakhalin islands // Thesisis of docl.VI Vsesojusn. Sovesch. po probl. theoret. and priklad. akarologii. Ashchabad. - L., 1990. - S. 28-29. (in Russian).
2. Volonikhina I.I. Biotopical distribution of Gamasina mites by profile of Susunaisk back South Sakhalin).// Thes. of docl. X Vsesojus. Sovesch. po probl. pochven. zoologii. Novosibirsk.- Novosibirsk, 1991. - S. 46-47. (in Russian).
3. Volonikhina I.I. New species of Gamasina mites of genus Neogamasus Tikhomirov, 1969 (Parasitiformes, Gamasina) from southern part of Far East.// Zoological journal - 1993. - Vol. 72 (8). S. 11-21. (in Russian).

Dr. I.I.Marchenko (Volonikhina)
Siberian Zoological Museum
Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology
Frunze st. - 11
Novosibirsk 91
630091 Russia

Phone (work) +7(3832)170633
FAX(work) +7(3832)170973


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