collection of Siberian Zoological Museum
(curator - V.V.Dubatolov)

materials from different regions of Russia are encoded as: FS RU CU UR WS SS MS CY NE NF KM AM SH KU

Dyseriocrania ermolaevi Kozlov, 1983 AM
Eriocrania cicatricella (Zetterstedt, 1839) WS
Eriocrania sangii (Wood, 1891) WS AM
Eriocrania semipurpurella (Stephens, 1835) WS ?AM Ukraine
Eriocrania sparrmannella (Bosc, 1791) WS
Eriocrania subpurpurella (Haworth, 1828) Ukraine
Eriocrania ussuriella Karsholt, Kozlov et Kristensen, 1997 AM
Heringocrania unimaculella (Zetterstedt, 1839) WS

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