collection of Siberian Zoological Museum
(curators - V.V.Dubatolov and P.Ya.Ustjuzhanin)

materials from different regions of Russia are encoded as: FS RU CU UR WS SS MS CY NE NF KM AM SH KU

Thyris fenestrella (Scopoli, 1763) WS SS CY Kazakhstan
Thyris usitata Butler, 1879
Thyris usitata siberica Thiele, 1986 SS
Thyris usitata usitata Butler, 1879 SH
Thyris usitata ussuriensis Zaguljaev, 1985 AM
Striglina cancellata (Christoph, 1881) AM
Rhodoneura erecta (Leech, 1889) AM
Rhodoneura shini Park et Byun, 1990 AM
Sericophora guttata Christoph, 1881 AM
Pyrinioides aureus Butler, 1881 KU

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