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Siberian Zoological Museum
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Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology
Butterflies and moths of the Russian Far East

family Silkworm and Rayal Moths (Saturniidae)

Saturniidae, color photo
1. 2. 3.
1. Antherea yamamai Guer.-Menev., male
2. Actias artemis Brem., male
3. Caligula boisduvali Ev., male

Saturniidae, color photo
4. 5.
4. Caligula japonica Moore, male
5. Rhodinia fugax Btl., male (left), female (right)

סולויסעגמ נאלוט (Brahmaeidae)

Brahmaea tancrei, color photo
6. Brahmaea tancrei Aust.

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