of the
Siberian Zoological Museum
of the
Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology
Butterflies and Moths of the Russian Far East
(middle part of the exposition)

Maack's Swallowtail, color photo

A female of Maack's Swallowtail (Achillides maackii Men.) at flower

Aporia hippia, color photo

A felame of Aporia hippia Brem., an oviposition

Parantica sita, color photo

Parantica sita Koll. on a flower

Neope niphonica and Lucanus maculifemoratus, color photo

Neope niphonica Btl. and Lucanus maculifemoratus Motsch. on a tree

Neozephyrus japonicus, colro photo

Males of Neozephyrus japonicus Mrr., a scrap

Shijimiaeoides divina, color photo

Schijimiaeoides divina Fxn., copulation

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