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Butterflies and Moths from Siberia and the Far North

Moths from Siberia

family Hawk Moths (Sphingidae)

hawk moths, color photo
1. 3.
2. 4.

1. Sphinx ligustri L., Northern Eurasia
2. Hyloicus morio Roth. et Jord., Siberia, Southern Far East
3. Laothoe populi L., Europe, Siberia
4. Laothoe amurensis Stgr., Northern Eurasia

hawk moths, color photo
5. 7.
6. 8.

5. Smerinthus ocellatus L., Europe, Siberia
6. Smerinthus caecus Men., Northern Eurasia
7. Mimas tiliae L., Europe, Siberia
8. Callambulyx tatarinovi Brem. et Grey, Transbaikalia, Southern Far East

hawk moths, color photo
9. 11. 13.
10. 12. 14.

9. Macroglossum stellatarum L., Southern Eurasia, Africa
10. Hemaris fuciformis L., Northern Eurasia
11. Hyles euphorbiae L., Europe, Sibaria
12. Hyles gallii Roth., Northern Eurasia
13. Deilephila elpenor L., Northern Eurasia
14. Choerocampa porcellus L., Europe, Southern Siberia

family Silkworm and Royal Moths (Saturniidae)

Royal Moths, color photo
2. 3.

1. Aglia tau L., Northern Eurasia
2-3. Eudia pavonia L., male (2), female (3), Northern Eurasia

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