Clubionidae (ARANEAE)
collection of the Siberian Zoological Museum
(the curator - PhD. Dmitry V. LOGUNOV)

materials from different regions of Russia are encoded as: FS RU CU UR WS SS MS CY NE NF KM AM SH KU

Clubiona bakurovi Michailov, 1990 paratypes!: AM
Clubiona caerulescens L.Koch, 1867: RU SS
Clubiona chabarovi Michailov, 1991 paratypes!: AM
Clubiona charitonovi Michailov, 1990 paratypes!: SS AM
Clubiona diversa O.P.-Cambridge, 1862: WS SS
Clubiona ezoensis Hayashi, 1987: AM
Clubiona frisia Wunderlich et Schuett, 1995: WS
Clubiona genevensis L.Koch, 1866: Kazakhstan Kyrghyzstan
Clubiona germanica Thorell,1871: WS
Clubiona interjecta L.Koch, 1879: SS
Clubiona irinae Michailov, 1991 paratypes!: AM
Clubiona japonicola Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: AM
Clubiona kimyongkii Paik, 1990: AM
Clubiona kulczynski Lessert, 1905: WS SS
Clubiona kurilensis Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: AM KU
Clubiona langei Michailov, 1991 paratypes!: AM
Clubiona latericia Kulczyński, 1926: SS
Clubiona lutescens Westring, 1851: RU WS SS Kazakhstan
Clubiona maikove Hayashi, 1985: AM
Clubiona mayumiae Ono, 1993: AM
Clubiona neglecta O.P.-Cambridge, 1862: WS SS Kazakhstan
Clubiona odesanensis Paik, 1990: AM
Clubiona pallidula (Clerck, 1758): WS SS Kazakhstan
Clubiona phragmitis C.L.Koch, 1843: SS
Clubiona praematura Emerton, 1909: NE
Clubiona propinqua L.Koch, 1879: AM
Clubiona pseudosaxatilis Michailov, 1992 paratypes!: SS
Clubiona pseudosimilis Mikhailov, 1990: CU
Clubiona reclusa O.Pickard-Cambridge, 1863: WS
Clubiona riparia L.Koch, 1866: WS SS AM
Clubiona rostrata Paik, 1985: AM
Clubiona rybini Michailov, 1992: Kyrghyzstan
Clubiona sapporensis Hayashi, 1986: AM
Clubiona similis/frisia: RU WS
Clubiona sopaikensis Paik,1990: AM
Clubiona stagnatilis Kulczyński in Chyzer & Kulczyński, 1897: SS
Clubiona subborealis Michailov, 1992 paratypes!: SS
Clubiona subsultans Thorell, 1875: RU WS
Clubiona subtilis L.Koch, 1867: WS
Clubiona trivialis C.L.Koch, 1843: WS
Clubiona ussurica Michailov, 1990 paratypes!: AM
Clubiona wolchongsensis Paik, 1990: AM

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