Philodromidae (ARANEAE)
collection of the Siberian Zoological Museum
(the curator - PhD. Dmitry V. LOGUNOV)

materials from different regions of Russia are encoded as: FS RU CU UR WS SS MS CY NE NF KM AM SH KU

Apollophanes macropalpus (Paik, 1979): SS CY AM
Artanes marusiki Logunov, 1997 HOLOTYPE! paratype!: SS Mongolia
Philodromus ( alascensis Keyserling, 1884: SS NE
Philodromus ( aureolus (Clerck, 1758): Azerbaijan
Philodromus ( buxi Simon, 1884: SS Kazakhstan
Philodromus ( cespitum (Walckenaer, 1802): WS SS
Philodromus ( dispar Walckenaer, 1826: Azerbaijan
Philodromus ( emarginatus (Schrank, 1803): UR WS SS
Philodromus ( fuscomarginatus (De Geer, 1778): WS SS
Philodromus ( histrio (Latreille, 1819): WS Kazakhstan
Philodromus ( longipalpis Simon, 1870: Azerbaijan Kazakhstan
Philodromus ( margaritatus (Clerck, 1757): SS AM
Philodromus ( poecilus (Thorell, 1872): UR WS SS AM Kazakhstan
Philodromus ( praedatus O.P.-Cambridge, 1871: RU Azerbaijan
Philodromus ( utotchkini Marusik, 1991: SS
Philodromus ( vinokurovi Marusik, 1991: SS AM
Thanatus arcticus Thorell, 1872: SS
Thanatus arenarius Thorell, 1872: WS
Thanatus atratus Simon, 1875: WS
Thanatus bungei (Kulczyński, 1908): SS AM
Thanatus coloradensis Keyserling, 1880: SS
Thanatus constellatus Charitonov, 1946: WS Kazakhstan
Thanatus coreanus Paik, 1979: SS AM
Thanatus dahurianus Logunov, 1997 HOLOTYPE! paratype!: SS
Thanatus formicinus (Clerck, 1757): WS
Thanatus lanatus Logunov, 1996: AM
Thanatus meronensis Levy, 1977: Israel
Thanatus mikhailovi Logunov, 1996 paratype!: Kazakhstan
Thanatus pictus L.Koch, 1881: WS Kazakhstan
Thanatus sabulosis (Menge, 1874): WS
Thanatus stepposus Logunov, 1996: SS Mongolia
Thanatus striatus C.L.Koch, 1845: SS
Thanatus ubsunurensis Logunov, 1996 HOLOTYPE! paratype!: SS Mongolia
Thanatus vulgaris Simon, 1870: Tadzhikistan
Tibellus asiaticus Kulczyński, 1908: SS
Tibellus aspersus Danilov, 1991: SS
Tibellus fengi Efimik, 1999 paratype!: AM
Tibellus japonicus Efimik, 1999 paratype!: AM
Tibellus maritimus (Menge, 1875): WS SS AM
Tibellus oblongus (Walckenaer, 1802): WS SS
Tibellus orientus Efimik, 1999 paratype!: SS

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