Sergei Ul’janovich STROGANOV
(29 September, 1904 - 23 March, 1960)
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Prof.S.U.Stroganov, photo

Sergei Ul’janovich STROGANOV was one of the outstanding zoologists of the Soviet period in Russia. Prof. S.Stroganov’s curriculum vitae is rich and interesting (see “Mammals of Siberia. Carnivores”, 1962, p.5-8).

Sergei U.STROGANOV was born on September 29, 1904 in Pogorelovo village in Tverskaya Region.

He finished the Pedagogical Institute (1930, Tver’ town) and Moscow University with Postgraduate studentship (1930-1936). He began to work in Moscow University and was a disciple of the well-known scientist Prof. Sergei I. Ognev.

In 1937 year, after making Ph.D. Thesis “The Mammals of Valdai Hills” he moved into Leningrad (now Sankt-Petersburg). He was a Vice-Director of Zoological Institute. In 1941 he departed to the War as a volunteer. After the injury he returned to blockade Leningrad and was evacuated to Tadjikistan with the Institute in 1944.

In 1943 he defended Dr.S. Thesis “Monographic sketch of family Talpidae” in Moscow University. In 1946-1948 he worked in Karelo-Finskyi University, in 1949 he moved into Tomsk, in 1951 he came in Novosibirsk. For some time he worked as Director of Biological Institute, but after the illness he became a head of the zoological laboratory and work there up to his dead.

A list of STROGANOV’s fundamental monographs:

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