Boris Stepanovich YUDIN (1928-1986)
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B.S.YUDIN, photo
Prominent zoologist Boris S.YUDIN was born on August 21,1928 in Tomskaya Region in Western Siberia. In 1951 he finished Tomsk State University, moved into Novosibirsk and started to work in Biological Institute of Siberian Branch of USSR, where he worked all his life.

His supervisor was one of the outstanding scientist - Professor Sergei U. Stroganov. In 1960 he defended his Ph.D. Thesis “Ecology of shrews of Western Siberia and their practical significance”.

From 1961 he was a Scientific Secretary of the Institute, from 1965 to 1972 - Vice-Director. From 1965 till 1981 he headed the Zoological Museum of the Institute, from 1970 he was head of laboratory.

Boris S.Yudin died in March 9, 1986 in Novosibirsk after a hard illness.

Boris S.YUDIN is an author of more than 100 publications including number of fundamental monographs:

The detail description of fauna of Siberia and Far East is given in them.

Deposit of B. S.Yudin in development of systematic of Insectivore Mammals of Siberia is especially valuable. He have published a Key to identification of this group, which is most hard for taxonomics studies:

The results of long standing work are reflected in the basic monograph published after his dead by his colleagues and his wife Svetlana A.Yudina based on the manuscript of Boris S.Yudin: A collection of Zoological Museum of Biological Institute of Siberian Branch of USSR, which was founded by Sergei U.Stroganov and significantly added by B.S.Yudin along with other colleagues of the Institute, served as a factual basis for Yudin’s studies of Insectivore Mammals. Siberian Zoological Museum have a unique collection of Insectivores thanking for efforts of all this prominent scientists. Collection contains about 50 000 examples and is the most full among other ones in Russia.

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