Vespa analis Fabricius, 1775
ssp. parallela André, 1884

Vespa analis, photo

Russia, Khabarovsk suburbs, Bychikha, Great Khekhtsyr Nature Reserve, 4.09.2008, V.V.Dubatolov.

Vespa analis, distribution map

Distribution: Russia: Southern Primorye. Korea, Japan, China, Indochina, Philippines, W Indonesia, India, Nepal (Kurzenko, 1995; Carpenter, Kojima, 1997). Additional information on the site of Prof. J.Kojima.

Localities from collection of SZMN: Russia: Jewish Province: Bastak Nature Reserve; Khabarovsk Province: Khabarovsk vic., Mukhen (Khabarovsk Local Museum), Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Kiselevka; Primorskii Krai: 20 verst E from Spassk (ZIN collection), 20 km N from Chernyshevka, Yakovlevka (ZIN collection), Vladivostok (André, 1884), including Sedanka (ZIN collection), Nature Reserve Kedrovaya Pad'. Japan: (V. a. insularis Dalla Torre, 1894): Honshu: Aomori Pref., Iwaki (Khabarovsk Local Museum).

Taxa described from Asian Russia and adjacent territories:
Vespa japonica Smith, 1868, Ent. Mon. Mag. 4: 279 - "Hakodadi, in Japan".
Vespa parallela André, 1884, Ann. Soc. Ent. France (6) 4, Bull.: lxi - "Wladivostock".

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