Vespa dybowskii André, 1884

Vespa dybowskii, photo

Russia, Khabarovsk suburbs, Bychikha, Great Khekhtsyr Nature Reserve, 4.09.2008, V.V.Dubatolov.

Vespa dybowskii, color photo, dorsal view 1. Vespa dybowskii, color photo, lateral view 2.
Russia, Chita Province, Argun river, 10 km S from Uryupino, 12.VIII 1996 (Dubatolov leg.), in SZMN collection. 1. dorsal view, 2. lateral view.

Vespa dybowskii, distribution map

Distribution: Russia: Eastern Transbaikalia, Middle Amur, Primorye. Korea, China, Burma, Thailand, Japan: Hokkaido, Honshu (Kurzenko, 1995; Dubatolov, 1998). Additional information on the site of Prof. J.Kojima.

Localities from collections of SZMN, ZIN, and literature: Russia: Chita Province: 10 km S from Uryupino (Dubatolov, 1998); Amur Province: Zeya Nature Reserve, Novospassk (Kurzenko, 1992), Kundur (Khabarovsk Local Museum), Talakan; Jewish Province: Bastak Nature Reserve; Khabarovsk Province: Khabarovsk vic., Kiselevka, Arkhangelskoe (Amur river mouth); Primorskii Krai: Odarka river (8 km NE from Spassk, ZIN collection), 20 verst E from Spassk (ZIN collection), 20 km N from Chernyshevka, Yakovlevka (ZIN collection), Gornotaezhnoe (20 km SE from Ussuriisk, ZIN collection), river Suputinka (now - Komarovka, ZIN collection), Tigrovoi (ZIN collection), Vladivostok: Okeanskaya (ZIN collection), Is. Askold (ZIN collection).

Note: the species was recorded also from south part of the Khabarovsk Province (Kurzenko, 1995).

Taxa described from Asian Russia: Vespa dybowskii "Rad. in litt." André, 1884, Spec. Hym. Europe Algér. 2: 582 - "Sibérie".

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